Nicki Minaj says her track Freedom is the “most honest” song she has written in years.

The singer-and-rapper is proud of the tune because it reveals her vulnerable side. Nicki hopes the track will inspire fans to never give up on their dreams.

“My new song Freedom is the most honest thing I think I’ve written in the last two years.” she told British magazine Look. “It just talks about feeling free no matter what people said about me, no matter what c**p I had to deal with. I feel like I want my fans to look at everything I’ve gone through, even with my childhood. They know they can come from a broken home, or an abusive childhood, a drug-addicted parent, an alcoholic parent, all that, and still the first black woman [judge] on American Idol.”

The Trinidadian-born music star is thrilled to be on a judge on the TV talent show American Idol. She says her appointment to the prestigious panel shows that anyone can be successful if they have the right work ethic.
“I’m the first black woman on the panel, and this is the 12th season, so to me, that was a big deal. I’m also the first rapper on the panel. That’s also a big deal,” she explained. “I look at it as a way to show my fans that possibilities are endless. You can do whatever you want to do.”

Nicki also spoke about delivering honest feedback to contestants on American Idol. Although she doesn’t want to hurt wannabe singers, she believes it is important not to deceive people.

“If we sit up here and tell them everything that they’re doing is great then we’re setting them up for failure. This is not America’s Next Mom/Daughter Sweet Moment,” she insisted. “If I really love someone I tell them the harsh truth. So, I do the same thing when I don’t like someone. I never want to take someone’s dream away. I just want to be honest.”