Mel C reveals that she and comic Jack Dee nearly met their maker on a recent African adventure.

The Spice Girl singer and the British comic paddled the Zambezi River in order to raise money for the UK’s Comic Relief charity.

The treacherous body of water is inhabited by hungry crocodiles and hippopotamuses.

Mel and Jack were in a kayak initially and the boat capsized.

Underwater Mel felt powerless.

“It was really scary. It was probably the most terrifying situation I’ve ever experienced,” she told British newspaper The Mirror.

Mel remained aplomb in the face of danger.

She relied on optimism to see her through the ordeal.

"But I couldn’t let dying cross my mind. In moments like that you have to be positive that you’ll survive,” Mel said.

“A hundred things went through my mind and the realisation of the danger we were in hit me.”

The entertainers changed vehicles to enhance their safety and ended up finishing their journey in rafts.

The trek took five days to complete and Mel and Jack are hoping to raise $1.5 million for the charity, which aids the internationally impoverished.

Comic Relief’s annual Red Nose Day will take place this year in the UK on March 15.