Zayn Malik was once surprised with a “little cake” by a four-year-old fan.

The 20-year-old singer and his One Direction bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are popular all over the world thanks to their catchy songs and good looks.

The boys are often inundated with gifts from devoted supporters and the dark-haired heartthrob says his favourite present came from one of his younger followers.

“Somebody found out what my favourite aftershave was and sent it to me for my birthday. That was quite cool,” he told UK TV show Daybreak.

“Actually, the cutest thing: this little three or four-year-old girl knocked on my front door at home when I was at home. I think it was my 19th birthday, and she came up and brought me a little cake. It was the cutest little girl, like three or four and she just brought me a cake for my birthday. That was cute.”

Liam added: “Somebody once made me a teddy bear of my girlfriend which was quite cute I thought.”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the singers are thinking about how they will spend the most romantic time of the year.

Zayn can still remember making contact with girls he had a crush on when he was in school.

“At school we had these little drawers! You’d post the card into this little post box,” he smiled.

Another holiday coming up is Mother’s Day on March 10.

The boys’ families are very proud of their success, but don’t quite fancy a stint on stage with the band.

“Our mums would absolutely kill themselves if we brought them up on stage!” Louis laughed.

Zayn added: “My mum wouldn’t know what to do! It’s nice, it’s really nice to look out [when you’re performing] and see your family. However embarrassing they’re being; even if they’re on the chair dancing!”

One Direction have been busy recently, supporting the Comic Relief charity by visiting Ghana.

Shortly after, Zayn was hit by allegations he had cheated on his singer girlfriend Perrie Edwards, but it seems the star has a new way of looking at things since taking the trip.

“It put things in perspective for me,” he explained. “In everyday life you have problems that we think are so major and then you go over there and you see people with real problems and having to carry on every day and keep going. So just a general sense of just putting things into perspective for me.”