Sinead O’Connor thinks her six-year-old son is a “rocker” in the making as he gets out of bed in the night to steal her guitars.

The Irish singer has four children and they are all into music in different ways. She believes her youngest son Yeshua will be the most like her when he is grown up as he is already obsessed with learning to play instruments.

“They’re all very musical. My son Jake is a chef and he lives in London, he’s more into the production end of music. My daughter Roisin is almost 17 and she’s mad for musicals, she loves musicals. My son Shane, he’s only eight-and-a-half and he loves drums. But the rocker is Yeshua, the littlest, who was supposed to come in with me this morning but I didn’t have the heart to wake him because my eldest son told him an Edgar Allan Poe story last night and scared the life out of him,” she laughed to British early morning TV show Lorraine. “He was staring at the walls last night going, ‘What’s that! What’s that!’ I think he’s the rocker, he’s the one who sneaks out of bed and plays my guitars in the night.”

Sinead is promoting her latest record How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? which she’s proud to call a pop album.

Although she likes the tunes on the offering, her favourite work remains her 2007 release Theology. It is based on scriptures from the Bible and she calls it the only LP she will “take with her” when she dies.

The star has undergone many personal struggles over the last few years. She suffers from bipolar disorder and last year attempted suicide before making a plea for help on Twitter.

The 46-year-old is now feeling much better and hopes that shines through in her music.

“I would say that’s fair to say, yeah,” she replied, when quizzed on whether she is happy. “I’m having a great time making music and I’m really enjoying that the live shows are going so well that everybody’s responding so well to the album. So I’m really glad it kind of focuses back on being a musician. As long as I just keep my mouth shut and behave myself!”