Nick Cannon says American Idol audiences are “falling in love” with his wife Mariah Carey after seeing her on the show.

The TV presenter has been impressed with Mariah’s performance on the panel.

Mariah joined judges Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson on the twelfth season of the hit TV show that premiered earlier this month.

"I think the world gets a chance to see another side of Mariah, and everyone's falling in love with her,” Nick told MTV News.

“I looked at Twitter, Facebook, when I see all the write ups - because now they're judging the judges - they gave her an A all across the board.

"People got to see how knowledgeable she is as a musician and a singer, and she's so charismatic and the most nurturing person I know."

However, due to their busy schedules, Mariah and Nick did not watch her Idol debut together.

Nick also discussed the infamous feud between Nicki and Mariah.

"Obviously they play up the drama," he said.

"But then to see everybody is really sincere - especially Mariah, she comes off so likeable - it's awesome."