A long-standing member of the Cheap Thrills family, Detboi has consistently been championed from everyone from Fatboy Slim to A-Trak, Sinden and Annie Mac. Now he returns with his second album ‘Sliding Floors’ released on 25th February on Cheap Thrills.

No stranger to an eclectic smash and grab genre approach, ‘Sliding Floors’ is a darker and deeper take on Detboi’s love affair with 90s tinged garage. ‘I Can’t Take It’, available as a free download below, is a bridging point to the lead single ‘Never Let Go’. Along with ‘God’s Plan’, prepare yourself for underworld whirs, dirty drums and filthy basslines that you’d expect to find on a Hessle Audio album rather than a Detboi track. Scroll down to watch the video for ‘I Can’t Take It’.

‘Last Night’ goes harder than Detboi ever did, twisting that stalwart of contemporary dance music – the r&b sample – into unrecognizable territory, the familiarity of a favourite genre cut with techno rhythms. The epic off-beat shuffles don’t let up with ‘Roll Arrangement’ personifying the atmospheric house of now with the pitched down junglist pulse of before. This is what Detboi does best; mixing familiarity and nostalgia with a thoroughly modern edge.

Rolling in at 14 tracks, Detboi has refined his sound, cutting it harder and faster than ever on ‘Sliding Floors’. There’s no respite, no break and no time for breath. Just 14 cuts of epic deep and dark bass music for you to sink your teeth into.