Taylor Swift is apparently tired of her love life being the “butt” of jokes.

The country singer has dated a string of famous guys and openly writes about her feelings in love songs.

Following Taylor’s break-up from 18-year-old Harry Styles earlier this month, Golden Globes host Tina Fey quipped that she should “stay away” from Michael J. Fox’s son Sam during the ceremony.

Apparently the jibe left the 23-year-old unimpressed.

“At first Taylor just thought it was funny how much interest people had in her love life and she went along with it,” an insider admitted to Radar.

“But now she’s the butt of jokes on [US TV show] Saturday Night Live, in the tabloids and on the late night shows. She laughed it off, but the jokes made about her at the Golden Globes got under her skin.”

Before her relationship with One Direction heartthrob Harry, the pretty blonde enjoyed flings with men including John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner and Conor Kennedy.

However, the I Knew You Were Trouble singer is reportedly planning on staying single for a while.

“The jokes being made about her love life embarrass her, but it’s finally hit home with Taylor,” the source continued.

“She really wants to make an effort to slow down and not jump from boyfriend to boyfriend. In a weird way all the negative press has really opened her eyes and will be good for her!”

Another person not laughing at Tina’s Globes joke was Sam’s father Michael.

The actor didn’t seem to think the songstress would make a good match for his son.

"No. No... Just back off," he stated. "I don't keep up with it all. But Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right? What a way to build a career."

Michael later apologised for his harsh comments.