Charlie Brown is kicking the New Year off with the release of his new single 'On My Way'. The track looks set to storm the charts and continue Charlie's reign as THE one to watch. Hailed by the likes of Red Pages, MusicWeek and 1Xtra, Charlie's new single will be released off the back of a phenomenal 2012.

Having been personally chosen as the lead support for the nationwide Dappy Tour, Charlie has been on the road touring and performing to a flawless reception from fans.

Intro single 'Dependency' showcased Charlie’s soulful voice, talent as a songwriter and highlighted exactly why now is the time he is stepping out from behind the scenes after crafting songs for some of the biggest names on the music scene.

'On My Way' is an uplifting track which was written after Charlie was going through a transitional period in his career. Speaking of the track Charlie comments, "I was looking for a tune on my iPod that I could put on to inspire me and lift my mood, but there wasn't one."

Deciding to write his own, On My Way has a propulsive chorus that establishes Charlie's gorgeous soul vocal proving his voice is one that will be heard consistently throughout the coming year. The song is inspiring yet understated. 'You might work but I work harder/ You might fight but I fight smarter / Might not be on top of the world, but hey, I'm on my way.'