Britney Spears’ ex-fiancé Jason Trawick reportedly hated pandering to her off the wall needs.

The former couple announced that their engagement was off earlier this month.

Britney has been under court ordered conservatorship since her 2008 mental breakdown and talent agent Jason was appointed one of her conservators last year.

Apparently the singer exhibited bizarre behaviour in the home, speaking in odd accents and refusing to shower.

Jason, who stepped down as Britney’s conservator the day of their breakup announcement, just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jason felt more like a father than a boyfriend. He made sure she ate properly and took showers, even picked out her clothes,” a source told Star magazine.

“She’s really difficult to live with, and he was at his wit’s end—they had no sex life because he was no longer into her.”

It is rumoured that Jason is worried about picking up clients in the future.

He doesn’t want his failed relationship with Britney to adversely impact his career.

“Jason is scared to death over financial future—no one will take him seriously as an agent again—but he believes nothing can be as bad as life with Britney,” the source said.