Pre-production or a movie about the life of AC/DC singer Bon Scott is underway with the initial scene being shot in South Carolina this week. The movie will be called ‘Bon Scott: The Legend of AC/DC’.

American actor Rob Liotti, who is also the singer in AC/DC covers band Hells Bells, has been picked for the role of Bon Scott.

Initial filming to create a teaser for the film began this week in Charleston, South Carolina. For some strange reason the producers of the movie, High Voltage Productions Pty Ltd, have decided on South Carolina to make the movie because of how authentic it looks to where Bon started out. (NB to the producers: Perth, Sydney and Melbourne look even more like Perth, Sydney and Melbourne than South Carolina, just saying).

Info from the producers released about the film states, “This docu-drama film is the first of its kind and will chronicle the musical career of the late Australian music icon, Bon Scott, and the band AC/DC. The film concentrates on an integral period of the band’s history when Bon Scott helps to catapult AC/DC to international stardom, yet never really gets to experience fruits of his labour. He even struggles with bouts of loneliness and isolation whilst often reaching out to ordinary fans for companionship and social interaction. Examined and portrayed is an accurate depiction of the emotional dynamic surrounding the band based upon true events. The film is sure to leave fans and admirers alike drawn to Scott and his often hysterical antics and to the band which made him famous. It is a must-see for any AC/DC fan”.

A timeline for release is yet to be decided.

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