Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed it up a little but basically played the same show as New Zealand for their first Australian show at the Big Day Out in Sydney last night.

The Jam in the encore featured a little Led Zeppelin ‘The Ocean’ whilst the David Bowie ‘What In The World’, first played in Auckland earlier this week remained.

The RHCP essential ‘Suck My Kiss’ disappeared from the Sydney set. Actually, the set was three songs less than the first Auckland show.

Here is the Red Hot Chili Peppers setlist from Sydney:

Monarchy of Roses (from I’m With You, 2011)
Around The World (from Californication, 1999)
Scar Tissue (from Californication, 1999)
Snow (Hey Oh) (from Stadium Arcadium, 2006)
Factory of Faith (from I’m With You, 2011)
Can’t Stop (from By The Way, 2002)
What In The World (David Bowie cover)
Throw Away Your Television (from By The Way, 2002)
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (from I’m With You, 2011)
Under The Bridge (from Blood Sugar Sex Magik, 1991)
Look Around (from I’m With You, 2011)
Californication (from Californication, 1999)
By The Way (from By The Way, 2002)

Chad, Josh and Mauro Jam to The Ocean
Higher Ground (from Mother’s Milk, 1989)
Soul To Squeeze (from Coneheads soundtrack, 1993)
Give It Away (from Blood Sugar Sex Magik, 1991)
Final Jam

Red Hot Chili Peppers will only be performing on the Big Day Out in Australia on this tour.

The remaining dates are:

January 20, Gold Coast
January 25, Adelaide
January 26, Melbourne
January 28, Perth