Elvis Costello says he would happily quit music to go into radio comedy.

In his interview with Noise11.com, Elvis Costello recalled the times he appeared on Garry Shandling’s ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ and told us how much he enjoyed it. He said comedy is the one thing he would give up music for.

“That was a comedy version of my character,” Elvis told Noise11. “I am supposed to be this angry guy. It was a great show, a really funny show. I recently did Colbert’s show. Also the Prairie Radio Show where they do comedy sketches.

"I really love those. That is the one kind of acting I would do if I were allowed. I would quit music and do that. I want to be a radio comedy actor. That’s what I really want to be”.

Elvis recently also acted alongside Sean Penn but thinks it is unlikely his performance will win an Emmy Award. “ I had to be in it with Sean Penn. It wasn’t really a fair fight,” he said. “That would be like making him play the guitar with me. He plays pretty good guitar. It’s just fun to be in a scene like that with somebody who is a great actor doing a light-hearted thing as well”.

Elvis Costello loves a good time and he says he has been doing what he wants for decades. “After about 1980 I’ve just been doing what the fuck I want and nobody has noticed it isn’t actually a career as other people know it,” he said. “It’s just really wilfully using other people’s money to make music that I hear and hoping that somebody else likes it too because I’m having a fucking great time”.

Elvis Costello will head to Australia this week. His Australian tour will start in Melbourne next Friday (January 25) and include winery dates for A Day On The Green.

Elvis Costello Australian tour dates are:

January 25, Melbourne, Palais Theatre
January 26, Yarra Valley, A Day On The Green
January 27, McLaren Vale, A Day On The Green
January 30, Sydney, State Theatre
February 2, Hunter Valley, A Day On The Green
February 3, Mount Cotton, A Day On The Green
February 6, Perth, A Day On The Green

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