John Mayer has been browsing engagement rings for Katy Perry.

The two singers only began dating last year, with many thinking their fling would be short-lived due to his womaniser reputation and her recent divorce from Russell Brand.

They have now gone public with their relationship and also spent Christmas together, with John apparently adamant he has found The One.

"John is serious about Katy, that's for certain. He has never imagined settling down with someone, but he's infatuated with her. They have the same sense of humour, they love the same music and they love to travel together. And, of course, she's beautiful. Although John's got a reputation as a ladies' man all of their friends completely approve because he's so dedicated," an insider told Heat magazine.

"He was looking at rings before Christmas and was making enquiries about getting one specially made."

One of the main problems the pair have negotiated is their living arrangements. While Katy lives in Los Angeles, John has a place in New York City. In order to show his girlfriend how seriously he is taking their romance, John has reportedly agreed to relocate.

"He loves New York, but Katy wants to be based on LA full time, though she does like the way they can be quite under the radar in New York. John makes her so happy - she can't believe they are so in tune and definitely has no concerns about his commitment," another source explained.

John has previously dated stars including Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. In the past he was vocal about his conquests, even calling Jessica "sexual napalm".

His attitude was said to be a concern to Katy when they started getting to know each other, but she now thinks they are "perfect together."