Harry Styles is said to be feeling remorseful about breaking up with Taylor Swift.

The 18-year-old One Direction singer and the 23-year-old country music crooner ended their romance shortly after New Year’s Day following a huge fight.

The pair had an intense two-month relationship and were seen vacationing with each other all over the world together.

Harry turns 19 next month and he just learned that Taylor was planning a surprise trip for two to Venice, Italy for them both.

If they were still together, he would have enjoyed five nights with Taylor at the lush Palazzina Grassi on the Grand Canal.

“Taylor organised an all-expenses-paid trip before the split. She even arranged a private gondola for them for the entire time they would be there,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.

“Harry is pretty gutted about the whole thing, even though he’s putting on a cool front. He’s touched she went to so much trouble to arrange his birthday ahead of time.”

The pair split while holidaying at the British Virgin Islands.