An effort to erect a statue to the late George Harrison in his final home town of Henley-on-Themes has been stopped by the artist's widow, Olivia Harrison.

James Lambert, who was looking to put up the statue as a thank you to Harrison for what he did for the town, asked the permission of Olivia and was told that she would much prefer that an effort be put forth in the direction of a community project in George's name.

Lambert told the BBC, "It is slightly disappointing but you have to respect Olivia's wishes, as she still has a house in Henley, Friar Park.

"And I think the danger was it wouldn't just become a Henley acknowledgement of George's work but would encourage more people to visit Henley.

"I think what she's suggesting in terms of a community project would be great and it'll be very exciting to see exactly how this transpires."

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