Kelly Osbourne remains a “big fan” of Lady Gaga despite their ongoing dispute.

The feud began after the Fashion Police TV presenter poked fun of Gaga for wearing a burka at London Fashion Week during an appearance on UK television show Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

Gaga’s fans inundated Kelly with cruel taunts and death threats.

Sharon got involved and wrote Gaga’s manager an email asking him to step in.

Gaga responded with her open letter to Kelly last week, calling for her to be a better role model and blaming her for “breeding negativity” on Fashion Police.

"All I have to say on this subject is that I love Lady Gaga!" Kelly told People magazine.

"I made stupid mistakes when I was 25, as well, when I accused people of doing things that were wrong. We all live and we learn, and like I said, I'm a big fan of hers."

Sharon wrote an open letter on her Facebook page in response to Gaga’s, calling the pop star a “bully”, “hypocrite” and an “attention-seeker”.

Kelly doesn’t have many words for the action her mom took.

"I have no control over my mother," she said.

"She can do whatever she wants."