Cyndi Lauper always “saw herself “doing comedy.

The singer burst onto the scene with hit Girls Just Want to Have Fun in 1983 and went on to have massive success with the album She’s So Unusual.

Despite being happy in her career, the 59-year-old star harboured a dream to try her hand at comedy.

“I saw myself in a sitcom like I Love Lucy,” she explained to the New York Daily News.

“And then people kept telling me, ‘Your life is a sitcom.’ So I figured hey, just film my life.”

Cyndi is now realising her dream thanks to her own reality show, Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual, which premieres this Saturday on American channel WE tv.

The show follows her busy work schedule, as well as her private life with husband David Thornton and their son Declyn.

“It’s hard,” she said of her hectic lifestyle.

“But I’m not doing anything that other people, particularly women, aren’t doing. That’s why I think people will relate to the show. I’m a celebrity, but we’re all dealing with a lot of the same things.”

The pair have been married since 1991 and welcomed their only child six years later.

The star is clearly enamoured with her partner and feels grateful she has him around.

“He’s just an awesome guy,” she gushed. "My son and I are just so lucky to have him in our lives.”