Cyndi Lauper's life is filled with unplanned "mayhem".

The iconic '80s chart topper explained why she decided to make her new reality show Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual.

The singer has toyed with the idea of starring in a TV series in the past, but it was the current events taking place in her life that pushed her to commit to filming.

"I had a lot of stuff happening this year; I love TV. I also wanted to bring attention to a lot of things that were going on," Cyndi confessed to ET Online. "I have a full life; I do a lot of different jobs, and I sing - I still gig... and I have a family too and I try to bring my family along with me when I can. Not that I plan for mayhem to happen, but it kind of happens sometimes because that's the way it is."

The Time After Time songstress isn't worried that the show might reveal aspects of her life she'd rather conceal. The brash blonde declared she has no qualms about letting the cameras follow her around.

"No, no regrets yet," Cyndi said. "I think it's fine. For me, I don't care. What do I care? I've had rocks thrown at me for how I dressed and then the following couple years the same kind of people that threw the rocks at me were wearing the clothes I was wearing. So, I don't care what anybody thinks about me. I guess it was good training."