Liam Gallagher has come out stating that the new Beady Eye album is what Oasis should have released following(What's The Story) Morning Glory?

The controversial singer spoke to NME but wanted to make sure that the comment is not dismissing the actual follow up - 1997's Be Here Now.

"I'm not saying it's better than Be Here Now or it's going to be this or that - I love Be Here Now, I won't have a bad word said about it but when you're selling 20 million records, you've got people there going, 'Oh let's just chuck out that formula again'. So I'm a bit disappointed we didn't ever do it. But this fucking record: we've booted the door off the hinges and steamed right in there, into this other world."

The fronman goes on to suggest that Beady Eye have been brave in making the follow up to debut Different Gear, Still Speeding which the general public "didn't get".