Miranda Lambert has to be the “bad guy” in her relationship.

The country singer is married to Blake Shelton, who is currently serving as a judge-and-mentor on US talent show The Voice.

The couple’s celebrity status often attracts attention when they are out in public and the pretty blonde insists she is the one to put her foot down when it gets too much.

"He's the sweetest guy. Like, he will talk to anyone, sign anything, take a picture with everyone. And if I don't stop it at some point, it ruins our whole night," she explained to Redbook magazine.

"I have to be the bad guy. The people are like, 'Oh, God, don't mess with her...'"

Although she may seem like a tough cookie, Miranda admits she has a vulnerable side.

The 29-year-old admits the lyrics to her more emotional tracks get to her every time she sings them.

"I’m insecure about tons of things!" she confessed.

"I cry onstage once a week, singing The House That Built Me, and I always tell the crowd, 'Don't tell anyone I was cryin'!”

The two stars both have hectic schedules, so know how important time spent together is.

Miranda admits she is “protective” over their private time and loves the excitement they both feel when they’re reunited after longer periods apart.

"This time I hadn't seen him in 11 days," she recalled.

"He was just so happy when I got here it was like, [making an angels-singing voice] 'Ahh, you're here.' When I go to The Voice set and everyone says, 'Blake's been talking about you so much,' it just makes me feel special."