Dolly Parton thinks love is so "contagious" it could help world leaders stop their "bickering".
The country music star's new memoir is called Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You and Dolly has discussed why having aspirations is so important. Although times are hard for a lot of people at the moment, the 66-year-old star believes having hope can drastically improve life.
"I think that’s when you need to dream more - in times when life seems lacking. It’s so hard to dream at times like these when it seems like everything is turning to pot. But we need to keep hoping, dreaming and praying. I think we also need to pray for our leaders and stop all this bickering. Spread more love around. It’s contagious," she told Chicago Sun-Times.
Dolly has always harboured musical ambitions but wishes she had stayed quiet about them when she was growing up. Her confidence led to an embarrassing incident on stage at school, when her peers laughed at her as she revealed her plans for stardom.
"At the time, I was so embarrassed, and my feelings were hurt when everyone laughed. But now I understand it more," she said. "People just aren’t used to you dreaming that big and being so positive about it. I had the audacity to say it! It was as natural for me to say I wanted to be a star as it was natural for another girl to say, 'I want to graduate, get married and live in Tupelo.'"
Dolly's sexuality has been called into question as her husband Carl Dean has lived his life totally away from the limelight. The arrangement works well for the couple as they are both busy, so still have a lot to talk about.
"Keep running around the country," she giggled, when asked the secret to her 46-year marriage. "Stay gone. It doesn’t hurt to go away once in awhile. It keeps it all kinda new. When I get home, it’s always good. We can’t wait to see each other - even after all of these years. Above all, we’re best friends and have a lot of laughs together."