Ciara confesses that she is obsessive compulsively tidy.
The 27-year-old Goodies singer will never snack in bed.
The crumbs would simply drive Ciara mad.
“I am obsessively organised,” she told Us Weekly.
“I'm a homebody. I'm addicted to flossing. I'm also addicted to chewing ice.”
Ciara hopes that her domestic and body maintenance skills will enhance the lives of her future children.
The star, who is now single after breaking it off with ex-boyfriend Bow Wow, has long dreamed of starting a family.
“I want twins (when I'm ready),” Ciara revealed to the publication.
“The only thing I fear is not having a family, kids and love.”
Ciara will probably come up with interesting names for her brood.
The songstress’ own name is incredibly unique and originates from a fragrant aroma.
“My name came from a perfume,” Ciara shared.
“Yes, my middle name really is Princess!”
Ciara’s upcoming album One Woman Army will be released this year.