Azealia Banks has released a new diss track slamming rap rival Angel Haze.
The 21-year-old rapper was engulfed in a war-of-words with Angel after the release of her track New York.
Azealia, who hails from Harlem, balked at the young rapper laying claim to her city after only just moving there.
Angel responded with the release of her diss track On The Edge on Thursday.
"B**ch put an album out / I think my album's more done than yours and I just started a week ago,” she raps.
Azealia didn’t take the words laying down. The rapper released No Problems on Friday.
“She like my new talk, my new style, my new walk, this new w**re / Open your mouth and I bruised yours... Who her? / I'm a true star, this butch b**ch got blue b**ls," she raps as the top of the song.
Azealia laughed off her rival on Twitter after her release.
She also accused Angel of lying about writing On The Edge in 20 minutes like she had earlier claimed.
“Lol I def used that energy to write a fly new jam tho. It's not even really a diss anymore! Haha !!” Azealia wrote.
Angel alluded to deeper issues between the pair when she responded to the track on Twitter.
She said they used to be friends.
Angel plans to release a song at 6pm EST on Friday in response to Azealia’s diss.