Jennifer Hudson “takes her hat off” to Broadway actors.
The former American Idol contestant has learnt to appreciate theatre stars since playing one in the new season of US television series Smash.
The Oscar-winner described how much she enjoyed being part of a Broadway production while playing her character, as it has been a long standing dream of hers.
“It’s not easy being on the stage on Broadway. I take my hat off to those people,” Jennifer told EW magazine. “Doing the show has helped me get my feet wet for Broadway, I like to take one step at a time, and I felt like [Smash] was a huge leap, but it was a great start into walking into that world, which is something I definitely want to do one day.”
In the new series of the singing and dancing comedy drama from NBC, Jennifer portrays Veronica Moore, a Tony-winning actress who is struggling to hold onto fame. Jennifer sees her multi-episode stint on season two of the show as the perfect stepping stone to take her into her longed for Broadway career. She especially enjoyed recording the original songs for the series.
"You're constantly creating new things on so many different levels," Jennifer gushed. "One minute you're in the studio, the next second you're doing choreography, the next second you're acting. It's a huge challenge, but I love it."