A cryptic post on Suede's official forum called 'Early Next Week' accredited to frontman Brett Anderson has got Suede fans chatting about a possible imminent release report Xfm.co.uk.

The following post is being viewed by fans as possible lyrics:

"Aniseed kisses and lipstick traces, lemonade sipped in Belgian rooms couldn't replace the graceful notions that clung to me when i clung to you,

"And they touch you like no one touched you,and when you broke they were there with glue, and their kindness was not a weakness and when they were there they were there for you,

"But will they love you, the way, the way i loved you ? we jumped over the barriers."

Suede have been working on new music with a new record expected in the spring.

Their show at Alexandra Palace on March 30 is their only confirmed live date so far for 2013.

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