Owners of a London rug shop were in shock when Michael Jackson’s associates asked for a refund.

The late King of Pop passed away from acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009.

Before Michael’s death, the singer announced that he would be performing in an international concert tour called This Is It.

Michael purchased a rug worth $25,000 from The Rug Company, but apparently the fee for 12ft by 9ft silk and wool floor carpet has been refunded in full.

The store agreed to give the money back because the piece was untouched.

“Michael personally chose the rug so it would complement his concert dressing room. But the tour was scrapped,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.

“The rug was sold with a lifetime guarantee and as it was unused and in immaculate condition we paid a full refund.”

The opulent rug is now back on sale.