Katherine Jenkins is “so thankful” for the time she spent with her family when she was growing up.

The Welsh opera singer has recalled the happy moments she shared with her parents and her sister Laura as a child. Katherine has happy memories of going on low-key holidays with her loved ones and spending time playing games and eating snacks. The 32-year-old star is glad she has so many happy times to think about as her father passed away when she was a teenager.

“With my family in our caravan in Wales eating pistachios and playing cards,” she told Marie Claire. “Dad died when I was 15, so I’m thankful for those times together.”

Katherine is a mezzo-soprano and is famed for her stunning operatic arias. She has performed for royalty and dignitaries all over the world and has become a popular classical-crossover singer.

Katherine insists she is a huge fan of pop music and although it shocked her fans, she loves listening to Justin Bieber’s songs.

“I’ve got Bieber fever. I love him at the moment,” she explained. “Although I said it on Twitter and lost followers.”

Katherine is currently promoting her new album This is Christmas.