One Direction’s Liam Payne was happy to let his father pick up the tab for his Indian Christmas dinner.
The singer dined out at Penn Tandoori with his father Geoff, mother Karen and sisters Nicola and Ruth in his hometown of Wolverhampton, England on Tuesday.
Apparently the family wanted to heat up their holiday with a spicy meal.
“[Liam] pre-booked about two weeks in advance for the dinner and they came last Christmas as well, so it’s become a bit of a tradition with them now,” manager Jay Uddin told British newspaper The Mirror.
“Liam’s a regular and he used to visit the restaurant lots with his parents before he became famous. He loves his chicken tikka bhuna.
“There were quite a few fans in the restaurant and everyone recognised him so after his meal was finished, they asked him to take pictures, which he was happy to do.
“He might be a millionaire but I think his dad might have paid for it.
“No matter how famous you are, I think we all like to let mum and dad pay.
“I think he was just enjoying taking a break from fame and enjoying a meal with his family.”