Azealia Banks thinks rapping is “kind of tacky” and a bit “unladylike”.
The chart sensation is getting slightly bored by the genre of music she is best known for.
The 21-year-old New Yorker can see herself rapping on one or two more albums, but long term it isn’t the direction she wants her career to go in.
"[Rapping] is easy, but I think it's kind of tacky. I think it is unladylike. I like it... but I think I'm going to get tired of it,” Azealia confessed to online music magazine HYPETRAK. “I want to get two albums of the urban and rap stuff out the way then maybe I’ll go back to school, take voice lessons again and do something different like contemporary jazz or something. I don’t know. I definitely will stay loyal to music though.”
Azealia discussed what she hopes to achieve with her 2013 album Broke With Expensive Taste, explaining she wants her music to challenge the status quo. She also praised underground transgender rapper Mykki Blanco for refusing to conform to mainstream ideals, which she finds inspiring.
“I’m very, very, very excited by anything that looks like the future, like transvestite rapper Mykki Blanco... He’s real and cool and I can relate to it. I think he raps better than a lot of the main stream guys out there. I think they are trying to find something new, but he actually does it, and that’s something I try to do with my music,” she continued. “With my album, I’ve tried to stay away from anything too mainstream, like Dubstep. It’s anti-pop, or anti what’s happening now.”