Taylor Swift has very specific yuletide rituals that she adheres to annually.
The 23-year-old singer is currently dating 18-year-old British One Direction crooner Harry Styles. The pair have been inseparable since they started dating a few months ago, but decided to spend Christmas apart.
British newspaper The Sun reports that Taylor prefers to spend the holidays with her loved ones.
“Our family used to be in the business of Christmas because we sold Christmas trees, so that time of year reminds me of home,” she revealed.
“It’s a massive deal. Christmas starts in November for us. It’s a cosy time, I watch Love Actually every week, buy Christmas tree-scented candles and get presents for every person I know and wrap them in cool fabrics.”
Among the pile of gifts under her Christmas tree this year, Taylor found pet treats and a board game, causing her to joke she may be old before her time.
“I shouldn't read into the fact that my family got me a new scrabble board (the one that swivels!) &cat treats for Christmas, right? Am I 85? (sic)” she cheekily tweeted to her followers.