Megadeth have named their annual Christmas Card winner only to find out afterwards that the fan who submitted the card may have plagiarised the concept.

Every year, Megadeth invited fans to design a Megadeth inspired Christmas card. The winner then receives a call from singer Dave Mustaine.

At Megadeth’s Facebook page they claim they may have been duped by winner Jim Chadoulas who they suggest, “allegedly submitted the artwork of another artist”.

Megadeth are sticking by fan Jim as being innocent until proven guilty. “Although we were notified of the possible plagiarism by an anonymous fan in Brazil after the Christmas Day call was already placed, we are investigating this matter further. We stand by the fact that Jim is innocent until proven guilty, and if our winner did indeed use someone else’s artwork, we will be notifying the second place winner to award him the first place prize and he will receive a phone call from Dave Mustaine. We hope to clear this up as quick as possible”.

Check out the winning card pictured left and click here for the alleged original.

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