Katherine Jenkins is looking forward to a “very traditional” Christmas.

The stunning opera singer will spend the holidays with her family in Wales this year. Katherine and her loved ones have a series of special traditions they carry out over Christmas and the star has no plans to do anything differently this time around.

“It is a very special time for me,” she told a UK TV show. “It is very traditional, we have our same old routine, and I love that and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Katherine has had a hectic time in 2012. She was the runner-up in US TV show Dancing with the Stars, went on the road with her Daydream Theatre tour and released her festive album This is Christmas.

The star is now ready to take a break from work and relax with friends and family. The 32-year-old always makes sure she clears her schedule over Christmas, so she can celebrate properly.

“It’s the time with the family, it has been a crazy year,” she smiled. “But this is the time I always go back to Wales and do the same thing.”

Katherine recently revealed she hopes to return to Wales one day and raise a family in a house by the sea.