Sharon Osbourne’s pet dogs all get their own stocking for Christmas.

The 60-year-old has a grand total of 12 dogs of various different breeds.

With the festive season in full swing, the television personality is thinking about how she will spoil her pooches this year.

“Don’t be ridiculous of course I will be [getting them presents]!” she told British Star magazine.

“They get their own stockings, my dogs.”

During the run of popular MTV show The Osbournes, their large brood of pets was often shown causing havoc in the family home.

Despite giving her dogs lots of love and care, Sharon says she doesn’t have what it takes to keep them all under control.

“Oh, they dance. All of mine can play the piano and do all kinds of tricks. It just comes naturally to me,” she quipped.

“I’m lying, of course. They do nothing but sh*t, and, of course lick and love you! I wish I had the patience to train them, but I don’t.”

Despite planning to spend lots of time with her pups over the holidays, the British star says the rest of the Osbourne clan will be doing their own thing this Christmas.

Jack married Lisa Stelly this year, while Kelly is currently dating Matthew Mosshart.

“No, we are split up this year,” she explained.

“Jack’s married and got his own family now, so he is going to his in-laws, and Kelly is going to her boyfriend’s house. Aimee, Ozzy and I will be over here [the UK].”