LeAnn Rimes confesses that solitude makes her “super anxious”.

The 30-year-old country crooner spent time in rehab for stress and anxiety in August.

The month-long treatment was a painful experience for LeAnn as she hates being by herself.

"I have always had people around me… which was half of what I was working through, what do I do with myself when I’m off the road,” she told Extra.

“I did 500 shows in three years. When I stopped, I would get super anxious.”

LeAnn will release her new record Spitfire early next year and is particularly proud of her new single Borrowed.

The track is about the infidelity she took part in with her current husband Eddie Cibrian at the beginning of their relationship.

“I carried that song and that title around with me for about eight months,” LeAnn explained.

“I was afraid to write it because I knew I had to be incredibly personal… when I did, it was through a lot of tears."

LeAnn is appreciative of all the love she receives from Eddie.

“He is always so supportive, I actually was scared to put him in the song because it does talk about how we both hurt each other,” she said.

“There was a moment where we did have some hurt between the two of us that we had to accept and get over and move forward. And that’s made for an amazing relationship.”

LeAnn cheated on her former husband Dean Sheremet with Eddie.

Eddie was also married to Brandi Glanville during the early stages of his relationship with LeAnn.

LeAnn and Eddie married in 2011.