Ne-Yo has revealed a list of albums to make people “feel something” this holiday season.

The R&B chart topper shared what gifts he thinks music fans should be given this year.

Chart topping albums aren't necessarily the ones he would suggest as he prefers to give musical gifts with meaning.

“I would give first and foremost, I would give music that, even if it’s not the most popular thing going, then it is the music that makes you feel something,” Ne-Yo told CBS Local. “That’s what I would suggest as my stocking fillers this Christmas.”

The singer released his new album R.E.D. in November this year, but rather than promoting his own material as the perfect present he recommended works by Adele and Lana Del Rey. Ne-Yo discussed UK singer Adele’s earlier album 19, which he claimed is more meaningful than her smash hit album 21.

“Everybody jumped on that 21, go back to Chasing Pavements. There is definitely something special in there,” Ne-Yo revealed. “I would also give Lana Del Rey’s album Born To Die. It’s mood music. It’s emo and there is an element of hip-hop in the lyrical content. It is different, something to open your mind on.”

Ne-Yo also mentioned some up-and-coming music stars as ones to watch. He gushed about soul singer Elle Varner’s album Perfectly Imperfect and revealed he is a fan of her looks as well as her music.

“I like her vibe. There is a vibe to her stuff that is refreshing,” Ne-Yo finished. “You haven’t heard anybody in the female R&B movement doing what she’s doing. She’s actually very cute too. Elle, holler at ya boy.”