Florence Welch has described Blake Lively as her “partner in crime”.
The British lead singer of Florence + the Machine has struck up a close friendship with the American actress.
Florence gushed about her love for the Gossip Girl star, and revealed Blake has helped her get through high-profile celebrity events such as the annual Met Ball in New York City.
“She’s been a really big support when I’m in that big, crazy Met Ball scene – having Blake there to be a partner in crime has been really lovely,” Florence gushed to British magazine ES.
“She’s got such a big heart. She’s far more in the public eye than I am, and she’s a good, grounded wise person for me to get advice from.”
Florence joked that the pair first bonded over a shared love of pizza. She also described their different personalities and how they balance each other.
“I performed on Gossip Girl a couple of years ago, and she’s always been a fan. She came to my very first show in New York. She was so sweet, she even brought everyone pizza at the after-show, and we’ve been friends ever since,” Florence laughed. “We both love music, and she’s a good influence. She’s very savvy, and a good American girl – she helps me with my more cynical British side.”
Florence is known for her occasionally wild nights out. She explained that while she is partial to an alcoholic tipple or two, Blake is teetotal. Florence joked that this is the ideal friend for her to have on big nights out.
“[Is she a party girl?] No that’s the thing, she can party, but she doesn’t drink,” she finished. “So she’ll go till four in the morning but she can make sure I’m in a taxi. That’s a good friend!”