Two months ago, Ted Nugent hosted the special Ted Nugent Gun Country on the Discovery Channel, leading the singer to say that there would be at least twelve editions per year.

Discovery announced on Tuesday that it would not be picking up the series, saying "American Guns concluded earlier this year. Discovery Channel chose not to renew the series and has no plans to air repeats of the show." They also added that ratings were poor with Nielsen saying it only drew 864,000 viewers.

While the network is stating that its a ratings thing, the timing of the announcement is more likely a reaction to the shootings last Friday at a Connecticut elementary school. A number of outlets have been taking different actions to limit their gun or violence related content. One of the highest profile has been many radio stations pulling the song Die Young by Ke$ha.

That angle becomes a little more clear based on a spokesman telling the site The Raw Story that Nugent would not be returning to their network "in any form or fashion."

Discovery also cancelled their series American Guns.

Nugent has been the focus of much controversy over the last year, being investigated by the secret service after telling a crowd that, if President Obama were reelected, he'd probably be dead.

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