Flo Rida was so eager to hear his new track at a club he gave the DJ his cell phone so it could be played.
The American rapper and singer-songwriter has been working on fresh material and wanted the crowd at Hyde Lounge at the American Airlines Arena in Miami to hear his latest efforts.
Flo Rida decided Tuesday evening would be the perfect time to showcase an unreleased song after a Miami Heat basketball game.
He persuaded the DJ to play the new tune, and when the DJ asked Flo Rida for a copy of the song, the rapper admitted he only had it on his phone.
So Flo Rida’s iPhone was plugged into the club’s sound system and was blared out for all the revellers to enjoy.
As the track was being played, Flo Rida celebrated by splashing out $5,000 on champagne for his friends.
Other famous faces spotted at the venue included actress Gabrielle Union and actor Marlon Wayans.
Flo Rida recently revealed he is still passionate about his music and feels he has a lot more to give.
“It has been almost six years and I am still at the top of my game. I am always trying to reinvent myself, I am in the studio all the time working hard,” he explained. “It is just inspiring to travel the world and see so many beautiful places. I love my passion and that is music… It’s amazing, so many number one records, it is just a blessing.”