Harry Styles hopes to find pants and socks under the Christmas tree.

The One Direction heartthrob has amassed a fortune with bandmates Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne and is lucky enough to be dating pretty pop star Taylor Swift.

It would seem there isn’t much missing from the 18-year-old’s life – besides underwear.

"I just asked for pants, because if you're on the road you always run out of pants and socks," he explained to MTV News. "So I just asked for pants and socks."

The cheeky Kiss You singers are constantly touring the world to play concerts for their hoards of adoring fans.

Whereas most of them are good at packing tour bus provisions, it seems Zayn prefers to wear the other boys’ clothing and that has left Harry lacking pants.

"[I steal their stuff] all the time. I'm the biggest culprit for that. I steal everyone's stuff,” Zayn sheepishly confessed.

“I can never be bothered, like, taking a big suitcase. I nick all the other boys' clothes."

"Yeah 'cause Zayn's, like, come away with just a little bag," Louis piped up. "I've never understood it."

For Niall, the biggest perk of the festive season is seeing his family and friends.

The One Direction boys have been busy with the release of their latest album Take Me Home, so a rest will be a great gift for all of them.

"I'm not really looking for anything for Christmas," Niall admitted. "I think we all kind of agree, we’re all really looking forward to just going home and, like, spending Christmas with our family and friends, eating a lot, drinking a lot, sleeping a lot, just chilling. General chilling."

One thing Harry has treated himself to for the festive season is a brand new tattoo.

The singer is a big fan of body art and his latest addition is an elaborate ship that adorns his bicep.

Harry took Taylor along to a Los Angeles tattoo parlour to watch him have his latest design inked.