North London based band, The Supernovas had a lucky escape on their way to support Geno Washington at the Rock-A-Hula Club's Xmas party at The Legion in Swanage.

Frontman Joei Silvester said "Massive love and respect to the kind and generous people of Swanage who helped us to get home in one piece after the back wheel of our car flew off while we were doing 70mph on the motorway.
We were sent in a spin from the barrier of the hard shoulder to the opposite barrier of the fast lane. Unbelievably no-one was hurt and we didn't hit any other cars."
Still visibly shaken he continued "The car will have to be written off. We were towed to Winchester services where we had to get a taxi all the way to Swanage to support the great Geno Washington - cancelling the gig was NOT an option!"

The band walked on without a soundcheck and played a blistering gig to rapturous applause. Rock-A-Hula promoter Dave Taylor said " After making such an effort not to let anyone down, we passed a hat round to help the boys get home and raised over £100. A big thank you to all who contributed"

The band recovered enough to be seen dancing down the front when Geno took the stage and last Saturdays gig will certainly be one they will always remember!