Gwen Stefani says having children with Gavin Rossdale is the "ultimate collaboration".

The No Doubt singer recently reunited with her band for the new album Push and Shove, their first record since 2001's Rock Steady.

During their time apart Gwen had Kingston, six, and four-year-old Zuma. Although she is proud of her discography, nothing comes close to how Gwen feels about her family.

"You feel proud," she told Vogue magazine about her ten-year marriage. "There are just so many rewards that come with it. You have to work at it. But, actually, it’s fun to get to this point. Because you learn so much about somebody. It’s like these wars that go on and then you kind of get through it to the other side, and it’s like, wow. And obviously, you get stronger. “And then having kids takes the whole relationship to another place. It is the ultimate collaboration. Both of us have such strong opinions about how it should be, and it’s really fun to do it together."

Gavin is the frontman of rock group Bush, who went on an extensive tour around the globe in 2011. Gwen found the separation hard, even though she was constantly in touch with her spouse. For her, the issue was about the effect Gavin being away was having on their kids.

"I mean, he was there for me mentally, but physically? These boys are physical. They wake up and they start punching each other!" she laughed. "They need him. Once you have a family, it’s just so obvious how everyone needs each other."

The 43-year-old star is in awe of her husband's work ethic. Although she has released solo material, writing songs doesn't come easily to Gwen. She always feels she has to work hard to get the lyrics right and so the experience isn't always pleasant.

"I am not like Prince, where it just flows out and God comes through me.’ I never write unless I have to. Gavin does. All the time. He’s more of a genuine artist in that way," she said.