So, as we told you earlier this week, our lovely partners Root1, have been searching through all their artists for 12 fantastic tracks. In the 12 days before Christmas, Root1 are working with both Music News and Music Crowns to support these 12 artists and try and get as many people to see their music as possible.

Also, as we are feeling extra festive this season, we are also giving away a pair of Dre Beat Solo Headphones to a super supportive fan. We will be announcing the 12 artists over the next 12 days and if you buy 3 of the tracks then you will be entered in to the draw!

So without further delay, let’s announce our Fifth “Talent of Christmas”

“On The Fifth Day of Christmas Root1 Gave To Me…”

Snatchy– “Tagalong”

Snatchy is the talented musical alias of Can Kabadayi. Hailing from the creatively rich street of East London, Snatchy, also of Turkish heritage, is a multi-talented artist in the truest sense.

“Tagalong” is the most recent Snatchy single depicting an honest account of the frustrating and familiar troubles, that the ‘rags to riches’ journey, contain, with perfectly inclusive light-hearted one-liners that keep the mood fun and away from getting too serious and troubled. Any spoken word/rapped story is useless if it’s not delivered correctly, but Snatchy’s quality and classic Grime flow moves easily over this tight produced UK Hip-hop instrumental.

There’s more where this comes from too. With the quality levels this high “Tagalong” is sure to get yet more focus and interested eyes and ears directed towards him. Watch this space and check out his Root1 shop on the Snatchy Facebook page.

Get his track now here.