The Daily Mail has published an explosive article today which claims that one of the 2DAY FM prank DJs did get back to nurse Jacintha Saldanha to tell her their prank call was going to air and that her note blamed them for her death.

In the note to 2DAY FM presenters Michael Christian and Mel Greig, the Daily Mail claims that Jacintha “express her deep anger and blamed them for her tragic death.”

Jacintha Saldanha took her life days after the Southern Cross Austereo DJs from 2DAY FM in Sydney pranked her in a phone call making her believe they were The Queen and Prince Charles.

But the newspaper also claims “one of the DJs telephoned the hospital back within an hour of the call and spoke to Ms Saldanha again, telling her they had played a prank which they were about to broadcast”.

The Daily Mail suggests Jacintha was left “feeling confused and agitated” and had “no experience of dealing with the media”.

The allegation contradicts the statement from Southern Cross Austereo CEO Rhys Holleran who claims the network tried five times to get back to the hospital but was unsuccessful in their attempt despite the Australian broadcast code having the clear rule that a recorded call cannot go to air without permission of the person at the other end.

When interviewed by A Current Affair, Mel Greig and Michael Christian said that someone “above them” authorised the broadcast of the air but they did not name names.

In the 2DAY FM chain of command, Greig and Christian answer to Derek Bargwanna who answers to Craig Bruce who answers to Guy Dobson who answers to CEO Rhys Halloran and the Southern Cross Austereo board. One week after the tragic death of the nurse, no one in that chain of command has admitted publically who authorised the call.

It is now understood that the presenters and certain staff of Southern Cross Austereo have been moved to safe houses after receiving threats following Jacintha’s death.

Jacintha Saldanha was farewelled in a service at Westminster Cathedral, London yesterday (December 15, 2012).

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has now commenced an inquiry to the prank that could lead to Southern Cross Austereo losing its licence for 2DAY FM.

New South Wales Police and Scotland Yard are also investigating the circumstances behind Ms Saldanha’s death.

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