BBC Radio One host Nick Grimshaw claims that his good friend One Direction’s Harry Styles is besotted with Taylor Swift.

The American singer and the British boy band member have been dating since October.

The pair are becomingly increasingly close and spending quite a lot of time together.

Nick confirms that Harry is very serious about his romance with Taylor.

“Harry really likes Taylor, he’s fallen for her in a big way,” Nick told British newspaper The Mirror.

“At first I wasn’t sure if the relationship was a real one but I talk to him a lot and it seems to be that she’s the one – for now, anyway.”

Nick thinks Taylor is captivating.

He loves the star’s gregarious personality.

“American artists are usually really, really boring and reserved but Taylor is fun. She’s always up for a laugh and is really good company,” Nick said.

“Harry likes people who make him laugh. I talk to Harry a lot on the phone while he’s away touring and he talks about her a lot. He is very happy with her.

“I like her a lot too, she came on my show recently and we had a really fun time.”