Ke$ha would "make out with dudes" at a metal bar and spend time with her cat if she only had one day left to live.

The eccentric pop star is known for her crazy looks and catchy music.

The 25-year-old released track Die Young as the first single from her latest album Warrior and the title has got her thinking about what she would do with her last day on earth.

“I'd probably walk down to the closest metal bar, make out with some dudes, and then I'd probably just hang out with my cat,” she told British newspaper The Guardian.

The American star has produced some famously cheeky songs, such as Tik Tok which is all about getting drunk and partying.

Ke$ha is happy not to conform to stereotypes and believes female artists should have more freedom when it comes to writing lyrics.

“Women can sing about the same things as men but we shouldn't have to be put through such scrutiny and hellfire,” she explained.

“Men sing about strippers, sex and drugs and it's praised and glorified. When women sing about these things, we're automatically demonised as sl*ts and drunks. It's not true. Women can drink and get laid occasionally and it is equally as badass as if a man is doing it.”