Sharon Osbourne says Nicki Minaj needs to wait “20 years” to see if she is a real diva.

Nicki is one of the judges on American Idol, alongside Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban.

Nicki and Mariah have famously disagreed on set, with a video of the rapper unleashing a foul-mouthed outburst at Mariah leaked online.

Nicki has claimed Mariah didn’t want another woman on the show and felt threatened by her and now Sharon has weighed in on the dispute.

“Nicki Minaj is out of her league, darling! She needs to just sit there with her silly wig on and say nothing, because she cannot compete with Mariah. Nobody could! You’ve got to earn your right to be a diva,” she told Heat magazine. “Having one or two hit records does not earn you the right to be a diva. That’s what old Nicki Minaj has to realise – she’s very talented and she’s had a couple of really big records – but give me a call in 20 years, darling, and then we’ll see how you’re doing. I have no time for divas; I cannot be bothered.”

Sharon and Mariah are good friends and the flame-haired star can’t speak highly enough of her pal. Sharon is amazed by how successful Mariah has been in her career and thinks up-and-coming stars could do worse than look to her for tips.

“I absolutely adore Mariah and Nick [Cannon, Mariah’s husband] – now there is someone who is a diva, and a fabulous one. Mariah’s a diva with talent,” she gushed.