(Cover) - EN Movies - Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller wrote a mockumentary starring The Rolling Stones in the early Nineties.

The comedians were little-known when they came up with the idea for a scripted story played out in between songs, IndieWire reports.

The pair collaborated on the script and even got approval from the band, according to Judd.

“Many years ago, Ben Stiller and I wrote a movie for The Rolling Stones — this was back in 1993 or so,” he told website.

“They wanted to do a concert film where there was a storyline going on in between the songs, so Ben and I wrote a script,” he explained.

Music executives at Universal backed out before the movie could get made.

The project has been shelved for nearly two decades since.

But to this day Judd remembers the experience of pitching the project as one of the most daunting tasks of his career.

“Can you imagine something more terrifying than looking Keith Richards in the eye and pitching a movie that goofed on his band?” he laughed.

The comedians of course went on to have successful Hollywood careers.

They also collaborated on The Cable Guy and Anchorman, among other projects.

The Rolling Stones are currently celebrating 50 years in the music industry with the release of compilation album GRRR! and the band's 50 and Counting tour.