OUTER ISOLATION, the second album from Philadelphia-based progressive thrashers VEKTOR, is out now in Europe on CD and coloured vinyl.

Originally released on Heavy Artillery Records in 2011, OUTER ISOLATION is now available on CD again with new artwork, as well as on limited edition coloured vinyl for the first time. New t-shirts featuring album artwork are also available now.

The full track listing for OUTER ISOLATION is as follows:

1. Cosmic Cortex
2. Echoless Chamber
3. Dying World
4. Tetrastructural Minds
5. Venus Project
6. Dark Creations, Dead Creators
7. Fast Paced Society
8. Outer Isolation

The limited edition vinyl version of OUTER ISOLATION is available in the following quantities and colours:

100 - Cosmic Cortex Green (SOLD OUT!)
200 - Echoless Chamber Clear (SOLD OUT!)
300 - Dying World White
400 - Dark Creations Black

VEKTOR news and info at:

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/VektorOfficial
MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/vektor