James Franco says his father’s tragic death was the inspiration behind his latest track.

The actor recently turned his hand to music, writing album MotorCity with his band Daddy.

Can’t Say Goodbye is the third video released by Daddy and the 34-year-old has opened up about the tragic event behind the track.

“The song is really sad for me, actually. When I was in Detroit, my father died, so I wrote a song kind of about it,” James revealed to MTV News.

“I feel like the lyrics aren't super-explicit so it can be kind of a goodbye to anyone. That was the inspiration, and then my mother had recently dug up all the home movies that she had, so we thought it would be a good connection if we used those images for this song.”

The promo is a touching collation of childhood memories, which clearly mean a lot to James.

The 127 Hours star can remember receiving the bad news about his dad while in the middle of working on a film.

“It's such a weird thing to lose a parent. And to have it happen when I was in the middle of a movie - they certainly let me go back home and deal with the situation and the funeral. They were very gracious about that. But I also did feel pressure that I put on myself. I felt responsible to finish this movie, this huge movie. There were hundreds of people just waiting for me to come back. It just made this strange situation even more difficult to deal with in some ways. I kind of tucked it away to deal with it later emotionally.”

James’ father passed away last year, aged just 63.

The star says having a creative outlet was the best way to help him overcome the tragedy.

“One of the great things I found was in this song, and then some other projects that I was doing, I could kind of deal with it that way. I could deal with it with creative pursuits. It seemed like the best and easiest way to grieve,” he explained.