In a month full of Gangnam Style awards and the bestowing of a Diamond Certificate (10,000,000 units sold) on Adele, two veteran artists shined through to claim their own certifications from the RIAA.

Rod Stewart received a Gold and a Platinum Album for his latest, Merry Christmas, Baby. For Stewart, it's his first award since receiving a Gold Album back in 2006 for Still the Same: Great Rock Classics of Our Time. He now has a total of 67 certifications from the RIAA.

For the Monkees, it's their first award in twelve years, going back to a Gold Album in 2000 for Greatest Hits. In total, the group has 26 certifications.

November's awards to veteran artists:

Platinum Album (1,000,000 units sold)

•Merry Christmas, Baby - Rod Stewart

Gold Album (500,000 units sold)

•Merry Christmas, Baby - Rod Stewart
•Best of the Monkees - Monkees

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